Vekter (dj_mood_swing) wrote in roguemessiahs,

More Next Gen Console Specs

I'm pretty sure at least 2 others are excited for the Xbox 360... 1up's got a lot of specs on it, I've compiled a list of desireable launch titles...

Console itself, $400 (don't bother with core edition)

Quake 4
Perfect Dark Zero
Need For Speed: Most Wanted
Project Gotham Racing 3
Tony Hawk: American Wasteland
Test Drive Unlimited
Full Auto

These are all games coming out close to launch time (Mid-to-Late November). As for PS3, we can expect horrifically outrageous prices, $550 for the console, up to $80 per game. That being said, here are a few games... Devil May Cry 4
Tekken 6
Gran Turismo 5
Resident Evil 5
Personally, I'm not looking forward to any of these... especially at close to a hundred a pop... And the revolution? Mmmm, old Nintendo games...
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