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More Next Gen Console Specs

I'm pretty sure at least 2 others are excited for the Xbox 360... 1up's got a lot of specs on it, I've compiled a list of desireable launch titles...

Console itself, $400 (don't bother with core edition)

Quake 4
Perfect Dark Zero
Need For Speed: Most Wanted
Project Gotham Racing 3
Tony Hawk: American Wasteland
Test Drive Unlimited
Full Auto

These are all games coming out close to launch time (Mid-to-Late November). As for PS3, we can expect horrifically outrageous prices, $550 for the console, up to $80 per game. That being said, here are a few games... Devil May Cry 4
Tekken 6
Gran Turismo 5
Resident Evil 5
Personally, I'm not looking forward to any of these... especially at close to a hundred a pop... And the revolution? Mmmm, old Nintendo games...
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360, revolution then PS3...

Sure I will be playing with a calais massager as a controller for the revolution, but it is better than the BANANA PHONE the ps3 has.

plus the PS3 only has Devil May Cry 4, Whoop Dee Fucking Doo! they also have a half-naked azn who wants to fight with the lamest abdomien ever. and a Game that has the lamest "scary monsters" in existance, I can't Wait to see Tommy The Talking Toilet in RE5!
RE5, so much clogging!

Whoever designed the Revolution's "controller" needs to be shot.
But I think it's less likely to maim Andrew.
no he will be liek "i am a ninja like samurai champloo!"

But I believe I allright know what will happen...

there we go!
Yup, that's Andrew alright

But that nunchuck guy didn't get impaled.
oh well, at least it was close

Damn I can't Upload Trailer Trash 1!